Fixtures & Results

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Fixtures for Division 1

Fixtures for Division 2

Home TeamResultAway TeamDateTimeStatus
Saxmundham B ½ - 3½WoodbridgeTue 5th Sep 202319:30LV
Saxmundham B0 - 4StowmarketTue 12th Sep 202319:30LV
Manningtree B2 - 2SudburyWed 13th Sep 202319:30LV
Sudbury2 - 2Saxmundham BTue 26th Sep 202319:30LV
Woodbridge2½ - 1½Manningtree BTue 26th Sep 202319:30LV
Woodbridge2½ - 1½StowmarketWed 25th Oct 202319:30LV
Bury St Edmunds B1½ - 2½StowmarketThu 16th Nov 202319:30LV
Manningtree B3½ - ½Saxmundham BWed 29th Nov 202319:30LV
Bury St Edmunds B2 - 2SudburyThu 30th Nov 202319:30LV
Woodbridge4 - 0Bury St Edmunds BWed 13th Dec 202319:30LV
Sudbury4 - 0Manningtree BTue 16th Jan 202419:30LV
Stowmarket2½ - 1½Saxmundham BTue 16th Jan 202419:30LV
Saxmundham B1 - 3SudburyTue 30th Jan 202419:30LV
Manningtree B2½ - 1½WoodbridgeWed 31st Jan 202419:30LV
Sudbury2½ - 1½WoodbridgeTue 6th Feb 202419:30LV
Sudbury3 - 1StowmarketTue 20th Feb 202419:30LU
Woodbridge3 - 1Saxmundham BWed 21st Feb 202419:30LV
Bury St Edmunds B3 - 1Manningtree BThu 22nd Feb 202419:30LV
Stowmarket2½ - 1½Manningtree BTue 5th Mar 202419:30LV
Stowmarket2 - 2WoodbridgeTue 12th Mar 202419:30LV
Saxmundham B ½ - 3½Bury St Edmunds BTue 12th Mar 202419:30LV
Stowmarket2½ - 1½Bury St Edmunds BTue 26th Mar 202419:30LV
Woodbridge2½ - 1½SudburyWed 27th Mar 202419:30LV
Bury St Edmunds B3½ - ½Saxmundham BThu 28th Mar 202419:30LV
Stowmarket1½ - 2½SudburyTue 2nd Apr 202419:30LV
Sudbury2½ - 1½Bury St Edmunds BTue 16th Apr 202419:30LV
Saxmundham B2 - 2Manningtree BTue 16th Apr 202419:30LV
Manningtree B3 - 1StowmarketWed 1st May 202419:30LU
Bury St Edmunds B1½ - 2½WoodbridgeThu 2nd May 202419:30LV
Manningtree B1 - 3Bury St Edmunds BWed 15th May 202419:30LV

Fixtures for Division 3

Home TeamResultAway TeamDateTimeStatus
Felixstowe B0 - 4Ipswich BMon 4th Sep 202319:30LV
Manningtree C ½ - 3½Ipswich BWed 20th Sep 202319:30LU
Ipswich C3 - 1Felixstowe BWed 20th Sep 202319:30LV
Bury St Edmunds C1½ - 2½Bury St Edmunds DThu 21st Sep 202319:30LV
Felixstowe B1 - 3Bury St Edmunds DMon 16th Oct 202319:30LV
Manningtree C2½ - 1½Ipswich CWed 18th Oct 202319:30LV
Bury St Edmunds C1 - 3Ipswich BThu 19th Oct 202319:30LV
Felixstowe B3½ - ½Manningtree CMon 30th Oct 202319:30LV
Ipswich B3½ - ½Bury St Edmunds DWed 1st Nov 202319:30LV
Ipswich C1½ - 2½Bury St Edmunds DWed 22nd Nov 202319:30LU
Ipswich B2½ - 1½Felixstowe BWed 22nd Nov 202319:30LV
Bury St Edmunds C3 - 1Manningtree CThu 23rd Nov 202319:30LV
Felixstowe B1 - 3Ipswich CMon 4th Dec 202319:30LV
Ipswich B3½ - ½Manningtree CWed 6th Dec 202319:30LV
Bury St Edmunds D3½ - ½Bury St Edmunds CThu 7th Dec 202319:30LV
Bury St Edmunds C1 - 3Ipswich CThu 14th Dec 202319:30LV
Manningtree C ½ - 3½Bury St Edmunds DWed 24th Jan 202419:30LV
Ipswich C1 - 3Ipswich BWed 24th Jan 202419:30LU
Bury St Edmunds C2 - 2Felixstowe BThu 25th Jan 202419:30LV
Ipswich C2½ - 1½Bury St Edmunds CWed 14th Feb 202419:30LV
Bury St Edmunds D1 - 3Ipswich BThu 15th Feb 202419:30LV
Manningtree C2½ - 1½Felixstowe BWed 21st Feb 202419:30LV
Felixstowe B2½ - 1½Bury St Edmunds CMon 26th Feb 202419:30LV
Bury St Edmunds D3½ - ½Manningtree CThu 29th Feb 202419:30LV
Ipswich B3 - 1Ipswich CTue 19th Mar 202419:30LV
Ipswich C2½ - 1½Manningtree CWed 20th Mar 202419:30LV
Ipswich B2 - 2Bury St Edmunds CWed 20th Mar 202419:30LV
Bury St Edmunds D3½ - ½Felixstowe BThu 11th Apr 202419:30LV
Manningtree C1 - 3Bury St Edmunds CWed 24th Apr 202419:30LV
Bury St Edmunds D3 - 1Ipswich CThu 25th Apr 202419:30LV

Fixtures for Division 1 Rapidplay Cup

Home TeamResultAway TeamDateTimeStatus
Ipswich A8 - 0Saxmundham AWed 13th Dec 202319:30LU
Manningtree A4½ - 3½Ipswich AWed 10th Jan 202419:30LV
Bury St Edmunds A8 - 0Felixstowe AThu 11th Jan 202419:30LV
Manningtree A5 - 3Bury St Edmunds AWed 8th May 202419:30LU

Fixtures for Division 2 Rapidplay Cup

Home TeamResultAway TeamDateTimeStatus
Saxmundham B0 - 8Woodbridge ATue 10th Oct 202319:30LU
Manningtree B5½ - 2½Bury St Edmunds BWed 11th Oct 202319:30LV
Stowmarket A3½ - 4½Woodbridge ATue 9th Jan 202419:30LV
Sudbury4 - 4Manningtree BTue 9th Jan 202419:30LV
Woodbridge A4 - 4Manningtree BWed 8th May 202419:30LV

Fixtures for Division 3 Rapidplay Cup

Fixtures for U1800 Cup

Home TeamResultAway TeamDateTimeStatus
Ipswich2½ - 1½Bury St EdmundsWed 13th Sep 202319:30LV
Bury St Edmunds1½ - 2½ManningtreeThu 19th Oct 202319:30LV
Manningtree3 - 1IpswichWed 15th Nov 202319:30LV
Ipswich3½ - ½ManningtreeWed 17th Jan 202419:30LV
Manningtree2 - 2Bury St EdmundsWed 28th Feb 202419:30LV
Bury St Edmunds0 - 4IpswichThu 14th Mar 202419:30LV

Fixtures for U1650 Cup

Home TeamResultAway TeamDateTimeStatus
Woodbridge0 - 4Bury St EdmundsTue 26th Sep 202319:30LU
Ipswich3½ - ½FelixstoweWed 27th Sep 202319:30LV
Clacton1½ - 2½IpswichTue 10th Oct 202319:30LV
Woodbridge1 - 3FelixstoweWed 25th Oct 202319:30LU
Woodbridge4 - 0SaxmundhamWed 8th Nov 202319:30LV
Clacton1 - 3Bury St EdmundsTue 14th Nov 202319:30LU
Ipswich3 - 1WoodbridgeWed 15th Nov 202319:30LU
Clacton4 - 0WoodbridgeTue 28th Nov 202319:30LU
Felixstowe ½ - 3½IpswichMon 11th Dec 202319:30LV
Clacton3 - 1SaxmundhamTue 12th Dec 202319:30LV
Ipswich3 - 1Bury St EdmundsWed 20th Dec 202319:30LU
Saxmundham3 - 1WoodbridgeTue 2nd Jan 202419:30LU
Bury St Edmunds2 - 2ClactonThu 11th Jan 202419:30LU
Clacton3 - 1FelixstoweTue 16th Jan 202419:30LV
Woodbridge1½ - 2½IpswichWed 17th Jan 202419:30LU
Felixstowe3 - 1WoodbridgeMon 29th Jan 202419:30LU
Saxmundham1½ - 2½FelixstoweTue 6th Feb 202419:30LV
Woodbridge1½ - 2½ClactonWed 21st Feb 202419:30LU
Bury St Edmunds4 - 0SaxmundhamThu 7th Mar 202419:30LV
Ipswich2 - 2ClactonWed 13th Mar 202419:30LV
Felixstowe3½ - ½ClactonMon 18th Mar 202419:30LV
Felixstowe3 - 1Bury St EdmundsMon 25th Mar 202419:30LU
Bury St Edmunds2½ - 1½WoodbridgeThu 28th Mar 202419:30LU
Saxmundham2 - 2Bury St EdmundsTue 23rd Apr 202419:30LU
Felixstowe3½ - ½SaxmundhamMon 29th Apr 202419:30LV
Ipswich3 - 1SaxmundhamWed 1st May 202419:30LV
Saxmundham4 - 0ClactonTue 7th May 202419:30LV
Bury St Edmunds1½ - 2½IpswichThu 9th May 202419:30LU
Saxmundham1 - 3IpswichTue 14th May 202419:30LV
Bury St Edmunds3 - 1FelixstoweThu 16th May 202419:30OV

Fixtures for Norfolk and Suffolk Cup

Home TeamResultAway TeamDateTimeStatus
Manningtree3½ - 2½SaxmundhamWed 3rd Jan 202419:30LV
Saxmundham2½ - 3½Bury St EdmundsTue 5th Mar 202419:30LV
Bury St Edmunds4½ - 1½ManningtreeThu 25th Apr 202419:30LV