Below you’ll find details of various competition winners over the history of the Suffolk County Chess Association. We’d like to make this information as complete and as accurate as possible. If you have corrections or additions to the information below, pleaseĀ get in touch using our contact page.

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Divisional Champions

We’re currently missing details of the winners of Division 2 in 1982-83. If you are able to help fill this or any other blank space please get in touch.

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Divisional Rapidplay

This event replaced the Cup and Plate competition. Between the last reported winners of the Cup & Plate and the first winners of the Divisional Rapidplay, events were suspended due to the Covid pandemic.

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Rating Limited Competitions

In 2019-20 the ECF moved from Grades to Ratings. In seasons up to and including 2018-19, teams competed in the u145 and u125 competitions, which were subsequently rebadged as the u1800 and u1650. In one case here, 2007-08, we know who reached the final of the u1650 (then known as the u125 cup), but not who won. If you know what happened, please get in touch.

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Handicap Rapidplay

This event was introduced for the 2023-24 season. Event rules as a mini-league. Score needed to the match varies according to the average ratings of the players. Rules are available here (appendix 4).

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Norfolk & Suffolk Cup – Suffolk Section

In this competition, clubs from the Suffolk League compete to become the Suffolk Champions. Each club can submit only one team. The winners play against the Norfolk champions in the final. In many cases, you’ll see we don’t currently have details of who won in the final (assuming it took place). If you can help fill in the gaps, please get in touch.

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Suffolk League Cup (and Plate)

The league cup was superseded by the Cup and Plate competition from the 2014-15 season onwards. Teams losing in the first round of the cup competition were entered into the Plate competition.

You’ll notice that for some of the oldest results, that at present we only have details of who competed in the final. If you know who won, please get in touch.

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Suffolk Individual Champions

Details here look sparse. Did the events run in others years? If so who were the winners?

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Team Swiss

For this event we currently have results for just one season. Did it run in other years?

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