A new school chess club

Old Buckenham Hall School, in Brettenham (between Stowmarket and Bury St Edmunds), has started up a chess club for its Year 7 pupils.  It’s being held every Monday afternoon, in curriculum time!  The photo below shows some of the pupils at today’s second meeting of the club.

It’s particularly noteworthy that the whole of the year group attends (it’s compulsory) and that it’s being held during the school day.  Full marks to the school for making such a commitment.

Judging by the enthusiasm shown by the pupils, they certainly seem to enjoy playing chess (I guess it’s better than another history lesson).  The best players have been put into ‘Division 1’, where they will play each other over the next few weeks.  The remainder have been spilt into two groups, one of about 16 pupils who can play chess (though not very well yet) and a ‘Novices’ group of 5 or 6 pupils, who receive instruction on some chess basics.

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