London Chess Classic

Running alongside the London Chess Classic, where nine of the World’s top players are competing (final round today), the FIDE Open has attracted an amazing 235 entrants, including 11 GMs and 25 IMs.  There are three entrants from Suffolk (well, two from the county and one formerly from Suffolk).  Ed Player (Bury St Edmunds) scored an excellent 5½/9 for a 2240 performance, losing only to three IMs.   Former Suffolk player David Whitehead, now London-based, scored 5 points, whilst newcomer Silas Peck (Ipswich), only 16 years old, recovered from a poor start (0/4) to finish with 2½ points.

The event was won by two GMs from Armenia and the Netherlands, who both scored 7½/9 and drew with each other in Round 7.

Click here for full results of the FIDE Open.   To see the Classic games (Carlsen plays Anand today in the final round), click here.   Games start today at 12.00.

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