Missing trophies

On 24 November I asked clubs and individuals to let me know if they were in possession of any Suffolk trophies. The response so far has been minimal.

Vicky Allen has the Ladies’ Championship trophy and I have one that was awarded last season, for the winner of Division 3 (Bury St Edmunds).  But that leaves the winners’ trophies for Divisions 1 and 2, as well as the Player of the Year trophies for all three divisions.  For half a dozen seasons back in the late 80s, there was a Division 4…

The list of trophies owned by the SCCA includes many other trophies, which were valued for insurance purposes in 1993.   These include:

*    The Whiteley Challenge Cup (Suffolk Clubs’ Championship)
*    Sir Henry Warner Shield (Suffolk Schools Championship u19)
*    Suffolk Girls Champion
*    u125 winners
*    (Individual) County Championship
*    Under 21 Champion
*    Swiss Tournament winners
*    League Cup winners

There is also the Reverend Weir trophy, which was awarded to the u14 Schools Champions.

If anyone knows where ANY of these trophies may reside, wheether at a Club, or with an individual, please let me know.   If you prefer, contact me by email, rather than leaving a comment below.

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