Tomorrow’s forecast

Have you heard or seen the forecast for tomorrow?   If the Mayan calendar is to be believed, then here it is:

On the chess front, things are quiet but much less dire.  Whilst chess boards are being tucked away to prepare the table for Christmas fare, many Suffolk players are secretly hoping that their spouses/partners will buy them the latest sensational openings book (some hope).   There’s a degree of sadness that no more competitive chess will be played until early January 2013.

The Under 160 squad is looking forward to the next round of matches on Sunday 6 January, when Suffolk should be fielding a stronger team than last time.  The first league matches take place that week, starting on 8 January.

I’m looking for some more material to fill these lonely chess-free days over Christmas, so please send me any games or interesting positions from the first half of the season.

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