When we had four divisions

For a short period, about five years in the late ’80s, the Suffolk League boasted four divisions.   In the 1989/90 season (the last season when there were four divisions), there were 43 teams, from 19 different clubs.

The clubs that participated then which are no longer involved in SCCA competitions, were:

Capel St Mary
Ipswich High School
Ipswich Juniors
Ipswich School
Northgate School
Royal Hospital School
St Joseph’s School
Suffolk Punch

It’s particularly interesting to see five schools listed, as well as the Ipswich Junior Club.  Nowadays Woodbridge is the only school playing in the Suffolk League.  Chess is probably being played elsewhere, but they’re not involved in SCCA competitions.

*    The number of clubs is down from 19 to 10 (-47%)
*    The number of teams is down from 43 to 19 (-56%)
*    The number of divisions is down from 4 to 3 (-25%)

Is this a matter of concern?   Are the remaining clubs larger, and stronger, than they were 23 years ago?   Should we be taking any remedial action?   Let’s have your thoughts!

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