4NCL results (Divisions 2 & 3)

Just back from the 4NCL matches at Daventry, where there were some excellent results for the Suffolk-based teams.

Before the start:

In Division 2, Anglian Avengers 1 (including Ed Player, Shaun Munson, Mark Gray, Adam Taylor and Steve Gregory) won both their matches.  On Saturday they won 5 – 3, and on Sunday thrashed the opposition 7 – 1. Unfortunately they had lost, albeit narrowly, the first two rounds back in December, so now lie mid-table with 4 match points.

Division 2:

In Division 3, top of the table Anglian Avengers 2 (Tim Lunn, Richard Lamont, Phil Hopkins, David LeMoir, Ian Wallis and Mike Cook) scored 9½ points over the two matches, winning 4½ – 1½ and 5 – 1, with no individual losses.

But their performance was matched by the Iceni team (John Feavyour, Alan Downham, Steve Ruthen, Paul Botham, Bob Jones and Colin Roberts), who were also unbeaten over the 12 games.   They won their two matches 5½ – ½ and 4 – 2.

Pretty amazing to have 24 games with no losses!   Anglian Avengers 2 are the only team to have won all four matches.

The third local team in this division, Anglian Avengers 3 scraped a win on Saturday 3½ – 2½, but came a cropper on Sunday, losing 1 – 5.   The Sunday team contained three ‘Pecks’: Silas, Dad Steve and brother Isaac (who only started playing chess a few weeks ago!).   Sadly, all lost.  The team now lies in 32nd place in the league table.

Division 3

(top teams out of 38):

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