Answers, a game, and another problem

The solution to the Mate in Six position (Friday 11 January) is:

1. Qxg7+    Kd8
2. Nf7+    Ke7
3. Nxh6+    Kd8
4. Qg5+    Re7 (if Qe7 then Nf7#)
5. Nf7+    Ke8
6. Qg8#

No one provided an answer to this one.

The solution to the Four-move poser (Monday 14 January) is:

1. Nf3    Nf6
2. Ne5    d5 (Black’s first two moves can be transposed)
3. Nc6    Nfd7
4. Nxb8    Nxb8

Congratulations to Silas Peck and Ian Wallis who both emailed correcr answers!


In the Games section, you’ll be able to play through an excellent win by Ian Wallis in the recent 4NCL match.


The ‘impossible’ problem:

“From the starting position, construct a game where Black checkmates White on the 5th move by taking a rook.” Email your answer to me (Bob Jones).

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