Cup Competitions

The following has been received from SCCA Competitions Secretary Mike McNaughton:

“I hope that we are now in a position to make a draw for the various cup competitions.


Felixstowe will play Ipswich or Stowmarket (this match is due to be played 26 February I believe).
The final will be played on 23 April.


To resolve the log-jam, Felixstowe and Saxmundham were asked if they wished to re-enter.  Irregular, but one way of finishing it.  Felixstowe have accepted the offer and, not having heard from Saxmundham, I assume they have declined.

Therefore, in what will be the semi final, Ipswich will be home to Adastral.  26 February, 12 or 19 March are possible dates for this match, but not perfect (Ipswich are involved in an u125 fixture on 26 February).

Manningtree will be at home to Felixstowe.  13 or 20 February look all right for this.  I think the 23 April will be a suitable date for the final.


It has become clear that there is little chance of playing the outstanding match in the B Group.  Hence Group A has Sudbury as the winners with Ipswich A runners up.

In Group B, Saxmundham are the winners and Manningtree runners up.  According to the rules the draw must be:

Sudbury v Manningtree: 26 February appears clear for both clubs.
Saxmundham v Ipswich A: 26 March appears clear for both clubs.
The final will be on 30 April.


The regional (Suffolk) final will, as arranged, take place on 23 April.  As always the contestants are Ipswich v Bury St Edmunds.”

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