New January grades!

The new grades have been published today!    They can be viewed on Dave Wild’s grading site.

You are reminded that these grades don’t affect events in progress, such as the u125 and u145 cups, or the Suffolk u160 team; for those tournaments, the September 2012 grades still apply.   But if you enter a future event, for example the Southend Easter Congress, you would have to use these new grades to determine your eligibility for graded sections.

The new grades will also affect board order.   If, for example, you played below someone earlier in the season because you were graded 5 points lower, but now you are 15 points higher than that same person, then you must play above them.   Conversely, if someone graded 5 points below you normally plays above you, and that person’s grade is now more than 10 points lower than yours, you must play ahead of them.

For players with a first-time grade, their new grade must now be used, instead of any previous estimated grade.

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