Not boring chess

The following position was reached last evening after just 13 moves in my game against Cambridge’s Patrick Ribbands, in the Bury Area League (Black to move).   White has four pieces en prise, yet has a completely won game!

Those who know me will appreciate that I don’t enjoy ‘boring’ chess, especially when playing with the White pieces. This opening certainly wasn’t boring.

Here are some questions for you to answer before you click on the Games page to see the whole game through to an inevitable conclusion.

1.   What was the opening?

2.   How does White force checkmate if Black now plays 13…Kxf7?

3.   After the game continuation 13…Bxg5 14. Nexg5 Qe7, can you find a mate in 3 (or 5, depending on Black’s 15th move)?

Go to the Games page to see the full game (1-0, 16).

4 thoughts on “Not boring chess
  1. Right so a Blackmar Diemar reached via 1, e4 c6 2, d4 d5 3, Nc3 dxd4 4, f3 exf3 5, Nxf3 and so on. I was wondering how the c3 Knight weaseled it's way over to f7 and now i see. to e4 then later to d6?

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