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In the County u160 matches last Sunday, Suffolk’s Andrew Shephard recorded a quick win against a lack-lustre Cambridgeshire opponent, forcing resignation in just 19 moves.   You can view the game in the Games section on this website.


No one has yet provided a solution to Monday’s ‘Five Queens’ problem.   If there’s no response by tomorrow afternoon, I’ll publish the answer then.


Finally, a reminder to let me have any interesting games or positions that crop up.   If I’m to continue to post something every day, I need your support!

5 thoughts on “Various stuff
  1. So I could send you any game/position played for Suffolk or within Suffolk? For example, it could be in the EACU County Championships, or the Suffolk League, or any individual championship placed in Suffolk.

  2. Any game/position Silas, played by you, but not necessarily within the county. For example you might have had a cracking game in the London Junior, or Northwood Park event. This website is about chess-players from Suffolk, wherever they may play.

  3. I understand, I may send you a position/game sometimes.

    In fact, I've discovered a nice position where my opponent could have checkmated me in six moves, it didn't actually happen in the game because I lost on time before he could try anything. But it's a decent puzzle and it genuinely happened.

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