100 up!

This posting is Number 100 since the new Suffolk Chess website started at the end of September.   Not only has that milestone been reached, but also the site has now received 10,000 page views, as recorded on Blogger’s ‘stats’.   That of course is an average of 100 per day, but the highest daily figure was 181.

One slightly disappointing feature though has been the number of comments received, which number only 80 – and most of those are from the same few people.

Which brings me to the all-important question – How many people actually look at this website on a regular basis?

If you are reading this page, please take a minute to respond to these three questions, by emailing me:

1.   How often do you click on    Every day / a few times a week / once a week / only occasionally

2.   How many times have you added a comment?    A few / once or twice / Never

3.   Do you want these postings to continue?   If so, how often?    Every day / A few times a week / Weekly

Many thanks.   I look forward to hearing from you!

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