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The last update was exactly a month ago, when each team had played six matches.   Now, eight matches have been played, so there are just two matches each remaining for each team.

The positions of the teams have changed over the month.   Ipswich B have dropped from 3rd to 5th, largely because of an unfortunate default, when their team arrived too late to play Sudbury (who thereby picked up their first ‘win’).   Ipswich C have moved above Bury St Edmunds A, having beaten them convincingly last week.

Ipswich A appear to have an almost unassailable lead.   The Player of the Season competition is currently led by Shaun Munson, with 6½ points out of 8.

Here is the latest league situation:

Team Played Won Drawn Lost Points
Ipswich A 8 6 2 0 21½
Ipswich C 8 3 2 3 17
Bury St Edmunds A 8 2 3 3 16½
Manningtree 8 3 3 2 16
Ipswich B 8 4 0 4 14
Sudbury 8 1 0 7 11

The final two rounds of matches take place in mid-March and mid-April, with the final match (between Ipswich B and Ipswich C) to be held on 16 April.

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