First team are EACU Champions

The Suffolk First Team played their final two matches in the EACU yesterday, drawing against Cambridgeshire and beating Norfolk 10 – 6.   This means that Suffolk are now EACU Champions!   Here’s the final table:

County Won Drawn Lost Points
Suffolk 4 1 1 54½
Bedfordshire 3 1 2 51
Norfolk 2 1 3 46
Cambridgeshire 0 3 3 40½

In today’s matches, there were two wins each for Alan Merry (Board 2), Graham Moore (Board 4) and Ted Matthewson (Board 5).   Those scoring 1½ points were: Steve Gregory, Nick Savage, Michael Clapham and Andrew Shephard (included a default win).   Ed Player, Ian Wallis, Martin Fogg and John Peters all scored one point.

This season Alan Merry has scored an amazing 5½ points out of 6, playing twice on Board 1 and four times on Board 2.   His grading performance over these six games is 237.   Ted Matthewson scored an unbeaten 5 points, whilst Graham Moore ended up with 4½.   Steve Gregory and Michael Clapham were both unbeaten on 4 points.

Suffolk now qualify to play in the Open section of the National Inter-Counties, where they are due to face Surrey at home (corrected), probably on Saturday 18 May.   Surrey were runners-up (to Middlesex) in the Southern Counties Chess Union stage.   You can see the Surrey results here (team average grade 195 in their most recent match).

Captain Ian Wallis is currently canvassing the squad and checking on availability for all dates to the Final.   The other dates, if successful, are June 8 (Semi-final) and July 13 (Final).   If Suffolk beat Surrey, we will probably play either Somerset or Yorkshire (away again).   ‘Away’ matches are often arranged at neutral midway venues, with the away team making all the arrangements.

One thought on “First team are EACU Champions
  1. Bob,

    A small correction to your excellent report, Suffolk are drawn at HOME in the quarter finals, if we successfully negotiate our way past Surrey?! then we will be away to the winners of QF3.

    And to all first team squad players that read this, please respond to my questionnaire regarding availability. If sufficient of you do not tell me you are able to play then I will not be able to accept nomination to for the finals. We had to embarrassingly withdraw last year due to lack of support and I will not risk that happening again this season.


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