Registered players

At the start of each season, clubs in the Suffolk League send a list of their registered players to the Competitions Secretary.   It’s interesting to compare clubs and numbers over the years.   The following table compares the current registrations with those of 30 years ago:




Adastral Park (was BTR) 16 10
Black Knights (Leiston) 4 No club
Bury St Edmunds 15 41
Clacton Not in League 14
Eye 4 No club
Felixstowe 20 9
Hadleigh 15 Not in League
Ipswich 28 29
Ipswich School 16 No club
Manningtree Not in League 10
Newmarket 2 Not in League
Royal Hospital School 10 No club
Saxmundham 13 12
Stowmarket 9 17
Sudbury (was Cornard) Not in League 7
Willis Faber Dumas 10 No club
Woodbridge School No club 15




So the totals are almost identical.   But then there were 13 active clubs; now there are only 10.

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