Players of the Year

Although the League season has not quite finished, the Players of the Season for each division are already known.   The method for calculating the winner changed a couple of years ago from highest percentage score, to total points.   However, SCCA Rule 58 states:

“if a player plays for more than one team in the same division, only the results achieved for the team for which he scored the highest number of points shall be considered in calculating his total points score for that season.   Points scored by any player for any other team in the same division or in any other division shall be totally disregarded.

This affects some players who play for Ipswich and Bury St Edmunds, who both have more than one team in some divisions.

The winners are:

Division 1

Shaun Munson   8½/10 (for Ipswich A)

Division 2

Bob Jones   8½/10 (for Bury St Edmunds B)

Division 3

Peter Chadwick   8½/12 (for Saxmundham B)

Trophies will be presented at the Suffolk AGM in September.

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