Under 145 Cup

Ipswich Chess Club is making a habit of winning everything this season.   Following their success in winning Division 1 (as reported here) and the Suffolk Final of the Norfolk and Suffolk Cup, they have also beaten Felixstowe in the Final of the Under 145 Cup.

Played yesterday, the results were (Ipswich first):

Martin Tomes   1 – 0   Gary Hemsworth
Keith Woodcock    ½ – ½   Dave Robertson
Alonso Paez    ½ – ½   Adele Lunn
Roger Smith    1 – 0   Gordon Fisher

Ipswich can also win the remaining uncompleted competitions.   In the Under 125 Cup, they again play Felixstowe (who can field the same team as played in the Under 145).   The Final of the League Cup will see Ipswich face Manningtree.

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