Ups and downs in the Bury Area League

To finalise the reports on the Bury Area League, here are the various league promotions and relegations, as well as the Players of the Year:

Division 1 Champions – Linton A (see yesterday’s report)
Relegated from Division 1 – Cambridge Oddfellows
Division 2 Champions – Bury St Edmunds Cobras
Relegated from Division 2 – Cambridge Dons
Division 3 Champions – Newmarket

So, for the first time since 2002/03, Cambridge City Chess Club will have only two teams in Division 1 next season.

Players of the Year

(and runners-up)

Division 1

Paul Kemp (Linton A)   81.8%   (9/11) – no losses
Chris Davison (Cambridge City)   79.2%   (9½/12) – no losses

Division 2

Rob Cope (Bury St Edmunds)   75.0%   (6/8)
David Brown (Bury St Edmunds)   71.4%   (5/7) – no losses

Division 3

Charles Richmond (Newmarket)   78.6%   (5½/7)
Eugene Husband (Newmarket)   72.2%   (6½/9)

See the Bury Area Chess League website for detailed tables etc.

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