It’s catch-up time

Back from (two) holidays and the Suffolk Chess website is about to burst into life again.   It won’t be quite as frequent as before, because the playing season has ended.   It’s planned to do two or three postings every week until September, when the site will revert to daily updates.

So now it’s catch-up time.   Time to update the end-of-season happenings, as well as a few new items.   There will be postings throughout this Bank Holiday weekend.

First, then, how did Anita do in Greece?   Pretty well, in fact.   She finished in 20th place out of 39 entrants, scoring 50% (4½ out of 9).   She had some splendid wins, and her last round draw was a clear win but she chose to finish on 50%, rather than risk anything.   Here’s one of her games, in Round 7, against a Slovenian girl with a rating of 1386 (about 100 ECF).   This miniature is a good example of Anita’s aggressive play:

Anita hopes to be playing regularly next season in both the Bury Area League and the Suffolk League, so watch out!


The Suffolk Under 160 team played against Nottinghamshire on 18 May in the quarter-finals of the Inter-County Championships.   The result was a loss, on board count, after the score was tied at 8-8.   A great pity, because a win would have given us a semi-final against neighbours Essex.   The full result will be published tomorrow, alongside a summary of all seven matches played this season by the Under 160s.

There was some disarray as the date of the match approached, when it was realised that two players, Malcolm Lightfoot and Silas Peck both needed to be approved by the National Controller as they did not have grades in July 2012.   Both had received grades (157 and 154 respectively) in January 2013, but that didn’t count.   Malcolm was assessed at 160, rendering him ineligible, and Silas was initially given an estimated grade of 161.   But when Silas’ many tournaments, including the 4NCL, were taken into consideration, his grade dived to e141.   So at the very last moment John Lambert was drafted into the team, to replace Malcolm.   Rules!

4 thoughts on “It’s catch-up time
  1. Nice game, good finish (very accurate) – it's going in this Saturday's East Anglian Daily Times.

  2. Looking at the result, Suffolk should of won on board count not Nottinghamshire, because your board 1 won.

    Chris Davison

    1. Counties Championship Rules:

      E5.1. The match shall be won by the team which has scored more game points. Where game points are equal, the result shall be decided by

      (i) Board Count: the numbers of the boards won by each team shall be added, and the team with the lower total shall win.

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