Tim Lunn wins the Ipswich Club Championship

The annual Ipswich Chess Club Championship is fought over six rounds.   Members generally arrange to play their matches at the Club on Tuesday evenings when they don’t have a league match.   It’s a tribute to the Club that 19 members entered and that most of the games were played.   There were a few defaults, but not many.

Although graded third, Tim Lunn shot down his first five opponents, including the two players graded higher than him, before agreeing to a draw in the final round to ensure the title.

Although most results followed the grades, there were some interesting individual performances.   11-year old Alex Sheerin (3 points) recorded a grading performance of 130, which included a win over Andrew Shephard (136).   And Martin Tomes achieved a draw against Kevin Greenacre, graded 27 points higher than him.

The leading final scores were:

Name Grade Won Drawn Lost Points
Tim Lunn 176 5 1 0
Ted Matthewson 182 4 1 0
Martin Fogg 164 3 3 0
Mike Cook 190 4 0 2 4
Steve Gregory 174 4 0 2 4
Sam Brennan 152 3 1 2
Les Jones 148 3 1 2

So, congratulations to Tim Lunn, pictured here away from the chessboard with his wife Adele and baby Sophia (now aged three).

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