200 up!

This is the 200th posting since the site commenced last September.   To date there have been more than 31,000 page views.   Most days there are over 150 visits to the site.

A few things to mention:

Digital clocks

At the recent SCCA Committee Meeting, it was agreed that clubs will be given the alternative of using Fischer Timing for graded games next season.   This of course needs digital clocks, as players will have a stock of 75 minutes at the start of a game, with 10 seconds being added for every move.   This method has the advantage that there can be no claims under FIDE Rule 10.2 (the ‘two-minute rule’).   If your Club, or you as an individual, would like to purchase clocks, a bulk order is being submitted soon to Tournament Chess Supplies.   DGT 2010 clocks will cost £46.00 each.   Please send me your order(s) by 24 July.

In the Bury Area League, players will be actively encouraged to use Fischer Timing this coming season.   Of course, it needs both players to agree to its use.

Some dates to note:

Tuesday 3 September   –   Suffolk County Chess Association AGM (at Ipswich CC)
Thursday 19 September   –   Bury Area Chess League Jamboree (at Bury St Edmunds CC)
Sat/Sun 5/6 October   –   31st Bury St Edmunds Congress (at the Apex)
Sunday 20 October   –   Cambridgeshire Rapidplay (at Whittlesford Village Hall)
Sat/Sun 9/10 November   –   Lowestoft Open (at Oulton Broad)
Sat/Sun 9/10 November   –   Hertfordshire Congress (at Hertford)
Sunday 17 November   –   Basildon Rapidplay Congress
Sunday 17 November   –   Basildon Junior Congress
Sunday 2 March 2014   –   Bury St Edmunds Junior Congress

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