New grades

As everyone is probably aware, the new grades were published towards the end of July.   If you haven’t had a chance to check out your new grade, go to the new ECF grading site.

Two Juniors stand out – Alan Merry and Anita Somton.

Still only 16, Alan (227) is the top-graded junior in England (along with Marcus Harvey, who is a year older).

9-year old Anita recorded the largest increase of all players, male/female, adult/junior.   Her grade increased from 59 in January to 109 in July!

2 thoughts on “New grades
  1. Well done Alan and Anita. I remember the good old days when my grade shoot up rapidly.

    Good luck to both of them.

    Chris Davison

    PS I'm happy with my grade of 182.

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