Bury League Jamboree

The Bury Area Chess League traditionally starts the season with a ‘Jamboree’, when many of the affiliated clubs’ members come to the Bury St Edmunds club to play three Rapidplay games (25 minutes each) against members of other clubs.   This year the Jamboree is being held on Thursday 19 September.

If any Suffolk League players would like to join together to form a team (or teams) of four, they will be most welcome.   There’s a small fee of £4.00 per team (£1.00 each) to cover the cost of the venue and refreshments (usually coffee, tea, biscuits).

It’s certainly an opportunity to play against people you don’t normally get to meet.   It’s all conducted in a friendly, sociable atmosphere.

If anyone from the Suffolk League would like to come along, please let me know.   If you’re on your own, I’ll help you to be part of a team.   Ideally, of course, form a team and come over to Bury together.

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