Page views hit 40,000

Just before midnight last night, on the first anniversary of this website, the number of page views hit 40,000.   That may sound a lot, but it’s still only an average of a little over 100 per day.   It’s impossible to ascertain the actual number of people looking at the site, but the statistics show that there are viewers from all around the World, especially USA and Russia.

I would like more Suffolk players to look at the site.   If you follow this site regularly, please tell your chums about it.

Since the start of the season on 1 September, there have been 30 postings, one every day.   The subject matter is, I hope, of interest to most people.   More input from clubs and individuals would always be appreciated; as you will appreciate, it’s not always easy to think of something interesting to say!

I’m determined to maintain the daily postings, except if I’m away at holiday times.

3 thoughts on “Page views hit 40,000
  1. Well done Bob,
    The beating heart of Suffolk Chess. No Bob = No Bury congress. No Bod = No Bury Jamboree and Bury Chess club would be a shadow of its present self.
    Congratulations and my best regards
    David Green

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