Andrew Paulson profile

The new President of the English Chess Federation is an American – Andrew Paulson.   As reported yesterday, he was elected to the position at the Annual General Meeting of the ECF last Saturday.

So who is he?

There has been considerable concern expressed on the ECF Forum by people who see him as a silver-tongued entrepreneur.   They doubt his ability to ‘last’ in the job and believe he’s just in it for the glory (and perhaps, money).

On the other hand, many other people see him as dynamic – just the boost that is needed for the rather stick-in-the-mud ECF.   We’ll see.

Back in November last year, the Daily Mail ran an article on chess, featuring Andrew Paulson.   You can read it here.

The new Chief Executive Officer of the ECF is Phil Ehr, formerly the Junior Director.   He will need to work closely with AP.   But that shouldn’t be too much of a problem, as Phil is American too!   Interesting days ahead.

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