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I’m hoping to be able to reproduce a number of positions and games from the 40 or so games played by Suffolk players at the 4NCL last weekend.   The major difference between 4NCL games and the average league game is the time control.   In the 4NCL you get 100 mins for the first 40 moves, followed by a further 50 minutes for the next 20 moves.   In addition, you receive 30 seconds increment from the first move.   That makes the time control equivalent to last year’s, when it was 40 in 2 hours plus 20 in 1 hour.   The great advantage of this ‘Fischer’ style time control is that there can never be a draw claim under the infamous ‘10.2’ rule.   On the other hand, games can in theory go on for ever…

Saturday was a case in point in my own game, as White against Leo Tsoi (Warwickshire Select).   After my 76th move (h7) and nearly six and a half hours play, the following position was reached:

Black now played 76… Rc8??, followed by 77. Rh3 Rh8.   Leo had a clear win, which I’m sure most people will see.   Not 76… Rc2+   77. Kd1   Kxe3??, as the h-pawn will promote.   Instead, of course, 77… Rh2!, which wins quickly.

The game continued for a few more minutes, by which time it was the last to finish.   And it ended in a draw!

2 thoughts on “4NCL position
  1. Hi Bob,
    well done on both results this weekend!
    However, it looks like black is winning still after 77..Rh8.
    I can't see what White can play.
    Either King or Rook move then e3 trapping King on back rank – allowing Black to swing the rook across (eg; Rb8) threatening mate.
    Well done saving though – maybe can see remainder of moves?


    1. 76…. Rc8??
      77. Rh3 Rh8
      78. Rh6 e3+
      79. Ke1 Ke4
      80. Rh3 Kxf4
      81. Kf1 Ke4
      82. Ke1 d2+
      83. Ke2 Rd8
      84. Rxe3+ Kf4
      85. Rf3+ Kg4
      86. Rf1 =

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