Adam and Justin return from Germany

Adam Hunt and Justin Tan returned yesterday from Germany where they have been playing in a huge tournament at Bad Wiessee, with over 450 entrants in a single section.   The first four rounds for Adam were almost meaningless, as they were against much lower-rated opposition.   Although he won all these games, it only served to lower his rating performance for the whole event.   He scored 7 points out of 9, losing only once to a GM, with a rating performance of 2526.   He finished in 11th place, a point behind the eventual winner, GM Aleksander Delchev and six others on 7½ points.   Adam played four GMs (in rounds 5 to 8), scoring 2/4 against them.   He will certainly gain a few rating points, but unfortunately no GM norm (he needed a 2600 performance for that).

Meanwhile Justin Tan (2333) missed a couple of opportunities, losing in Round 5 to a 2064 and drawing with a 2086 in Round 8.   He still finished on 6 out of 9, although his rating performance was only 2230.

The final crosstable can be viewed here.

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