Flashback to 1964

This photo from 1964 appeared in yesterday’s East Anglian Daily Times.

Does anyone have any idea who the players are?


In the first round of the World Chess Championship, played this morning, Carlsen and Anand reached a draw (by repetition) after only 16 moves.   To view the game, click here.

5 thoughts on “Flashback to 1964
  1. I guess the young lad does look a bit like I did back in '64 (when I was 19). But I lived in Sussex and didn't get to Suffolk until 1969.

    1. There's no room on those tables for clocks, let alone scoresheets! I wondered if the photo was taken at the old Bury St Edmunds & West Suffolk Club, when they met at the Constitutional Club in Guildhall Street. If so, these people may have been club members.

  2. Hi Bob,
    Sorry can't help as this was just before my time and I was still playing at northgate School. I would have been 14 then. I looked at the set on the nearest board, while it is a strange concoction of pieces, look at the two totally different queens and the variety of rooks, bishops and knights it does not seem to have hindered these two players.
    I remember seeing a set something like this when I first played for Ipswich chess club which I guess was not long after this photo was taken.
    David Green

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