Woodbridge Junior results

The 13th Woodbridge Junior Open took place last Sunday; a total of 88 players entered.

The results were as follows:

Under 8: (8 participants)

1st   Michael Stone (Norwich Junior)   6/6
2nd (& Woodbridge champion)   George Na Nakhorn   4½/6

Under 10: (20)

1st   Anita Somton   (Bury Knights)   6/6
2nd   Aaron Saenz de Villaverde   (Bury Knights)   5/6
Woodbridge Champion:   Tobias Juszt   4/6

Under 12: (25)

1st   Mario Saenz de Villaverde   (Bury Knights)   5½/6
2nd   Jenny Kilcline   (Colchester)   5/6
Woodbridge Champions:   Harry Rennell and Oliver Pheland  3½/6

Under 14: (11)

1st   Moby Wells   (Norwich)   5½/6
2nd   William Sait   (Bury Knights)   5/6
Woodbridge Champion:   Hugo Kelleway   4½/6

Under 16/18: (10)

1st   Daniel Such (Woodbridge School and Under 18 champion) 5½/6
2nd   Taisei Tsuruoka (Woodbridge School)   5/6
Woodbridge Under 16 champion:   Alex Bogdanov   3/6

Open: (14)

1st=   IM Bernd Rechel (Norwich); FM Justin Tan (Woodbridge School)   5/6
3rd   IM Dagne Ciuksyte (Martlesham)   4½/6
Under 140 Grading Prize:   Mark Weidman (Martlesham)   3/6

Team Prize:   Bury Knights (Anita Somton, William Sait, Aaron Saenz de Villaverde, Mario Saenz de Villaverde)

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