Half-season Report Part 4

The last match of the half-season in the Bury Area Chess League Division 2 was played this evening, with Linton Blacks beating Bury St Edmunds C 4 – 1 (remember, there’s a bonus point for a win in the BACL).   One outstanding match, between Linton Blacks and Cambridge Oddfellows, has been postponed to 28 January.

This is how the league table looks:

Team Played Points
Cambridge Dons 6 22½
Cambridge Oddfellows 5 18
Bury St Edmunds Vipers 6 13½
Cambridge Academicals 6 12
Linton Blacks 5 10½
Newmarket Stallions 6 10
Cambridge Bollards 6

It’s no surprise that two Cambridge teams head the table.   Last season saw one Cambridge team relegated from Division 1, the first time for many years that Cambridge were left with only two teams in the top division.   With Dons and Oddfellows well ahead of the rest of the field, it’s just a matter of which team will achieve promotion.   They won’t face each other until late-March.

Individually there have been some strong performances by players from Cambridge.   Unsurprisingly, their players take up the top six places in the Player of the Season table:

Thomas Sauerwald    4/4
Gorka Salgado    6/7
John Daugman    6½/8
Richard Newman    4½/6
Ole Bay-Petersen    4½/6
Kelvin Hunter    5/7

Three of the above have played for more than one Cambridge team.

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