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Three Suffolk players have competed in tournaments that finished today.   Silas Peck played in the London Chess Classic FIDE Open; Dagne Ciuksyte was in the Womens’ Invitational event that ran alongside the London Chess Classic; and Anita Somton played in the London Junior Chess Championships.   All three performed with great distinction.

Silas (1803 Elo) entered the FIDE Open, where 23 GMs and a similar number of IMs were included amongst the 188 entrants.   Eight of his opponents were higher-rated than him, but Silas scored 3½ out of nine with a performance of 1887.

Dagne (2345) was second seed of just six entrants, who played each other twice over the five days of the event.   She was the clear winner on 7½/10, half a point clear of the runner-up.   Her five wins and five draws gave her an excellent rating performance of 2434.

Finally, Anita recorded four wins and three draws to score 5½/7 in the Under 10 Major section.   Graded 109, she was 10th seed of 103 entrants, but finished in equal third place.   As leading girl in the event, she was awarded the title of London u10 Girls Champion.   Although only nine years old, her play is extremely mature, as can be seen from this third round win with White in a Gruënfeld against Ximan Mao:

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