County Correspondence update

In the ‘Sinclair 2013/14‘ tournament, Suffolk are competing against 19 other counties.   The event started on 1 November and to date 64 of the 160 games have been completed.   This is an email competition, a far cry from the days of ‘snail-mail’, when games could often take a year or more to complete.   Each team member plays two games, with White and Black, against the same opponent.

Suffolk are one of only six teams to remain unbeaten, so far.   Essex D are clear leaders with 7/7, with Essex C close behind on 4/5 (also unbeaten).   Suffolk have 3/4, with a win each from Bob Stephens on Board 7 and Bob Jones on Board 2, and two draws from Board 1 Ian Wallis.   The other Suffolk players, still to complete either of their games, are Silas Peck (Board 3), Phil Revell (4), Kevin Greenacre (5), Jim Buis (6) and Jakob Tulic (8).

The current crosstable can be viewed here.

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