First Bury Knights of the term

Last evening saw the first meeting of the Bury Knights Junior Chess Club.   Most existing members attended, as well as four newcomers.   In total 43 attended!

The Bury Knights is the sole remaining junior club in the county, having been started 21 years ago.

Usually the Club uses two or three classrooms at Horringer Court Middle School, but earlier in the afternoon there had been an alarm, when builders had accidentally set the roof on fire!   The fire brigade had been called and the children had been told to evacuate the school.   As they weren’t allowed back in the classrooms, all their books remained on the desks, making it impossible to put out the chess sets.   So instead we were allowed to occupy the gym, which was set out for examinations.   A large enough space, certainly, but noisy and echoey.   The first two rounds of the UK Chess Challenge were played, with seven members winning both games.

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