Correspondence team update

The 8-board Suffolk Correspondence team, captained by Jim Buis, is currently leading the Sinclair tournament.   They have scored 8 points out of 11, with five games still to finish.

Their lead will probably be short-lived, however, because other placings include:

Warwickshire B     8/13
Yorkshire C     7½/8 (!)
Essex D     7/7 (!!)
Northumberland A     6/8
Lincolnshire     6/10

At the other end of the 20-team table are:

Warwickshire C     ½/9
Worcestershire B     1/12

So far, Jim Buis, Bob Stephens and Bob Jones have won both their games, whilst top board Ian Wallis has drawn both of his.   Phil Revell and Jakob Tulic each have one draw and the only loss incurred so far is on bottom board, with Jakob. &nbsp The unfinished games are by Silas Peck (2), Kevin Greenacre (2) and Phil Revell (1).   We should get at least three draws, possibly more, from those games.

Last season, Suffolk finished with a total of 8 points (50%), so there’s a very good chance that we will improve on that this season.

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