Gibraltar results

The 12th annual Tradewise Gibraltar Masters finished yesterday, with three GMs on 8/10 taking part in a Blitz play-off, won eventually by Bulgarian GM Ivan Cheparinov (pictured right).

Suffolk’s David Spence had an excellent tournament, scoring 50% (2 wins, 2 losses, 5 draws and a half-point bye).   His rating performance was 2339, which meant that his ‘live’ rating will increase by some 20 points to 2236.   The full cross-table can be viewed here.   Seeded 150 out of 256 competitors, David finished in 115th place.

Two other East Anglian players took part.   Ashley Stewart (Cambridge City) scored 4½ points, for a rating increase of 28 points (to 2066), whilst Broadland’s Roy Hughes scored 3½ points to lose just one rating point.

I hope to be able to show one or two of David’s games when he returns to the UK.

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