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Recent articles on increments, mobile phones, and promotion have provoked a wide range of comments.   Clearly, these are contentious issues and opinions vary considerably

So let’s continue with this theme and have a look at board order.

In the Suffolk League we are allowed to play ‘out of grade order’, provided there are no more than ten points difference.   So, for example, a 120 grade could play on a higher board than a 130.   Things get a little more complicated when the new grades come out in January.   For league matches, we use the new grades to determine board order, but for graded competitions such as the u125, we still use the August grades for eligibility purposes, although the January grades apply for board order.

This all seems rather complicated.   Is there a better solution?   Should we play in strict board order and allow no tolerance?   Should we use the August grades throughout the season and ignore the January grades, as far as board order is concerned?   Several years ago we were allowed a 15-point margin, but this was reduced to 10 points at an AGM.   Is 10 points the best answer, or should it be more, or even less?

Let’s hear your views!

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  1. Hi Again,

    As you may know the Ratings website uses just one grade at a time and updates all records with the latest grade entered. January grades therefore form the record at the end of the season. This gives rise to some records that seem to break the 10 point rule when they did not do so at the time they were played prior to the January changes.

    When the January grades were published there was a bit of work to do to re-nominate teams to take the January changes into account. The comp sec had to circulate a prompting e-mail and monitor these changes.

    So what was gained by the extra work required: I have some difficulty in thinking of a single positive result of this change.

    Complexity Up,extra work to be done Added Value doubtful. Cost benefit analysis suggests we do away with using the latest published grade and run through the entire season with the August grades.

    As to the reasons for the AGM voting to change the gap from 15 to 10 points I have no idea. Perhaps someone has the relevant minutes available which may throw some light on why this was done.

    As a result of the January grade changes and the 10 point difference rule I am now unable to play on any board other than 1 for the team I captain while using August Grades I could play on any one of the top 3 boards.

    The current system could give rise to penalties for ineligibility and therefore affect the standings at the end of the season. Do away with the penalties and the rules become unenforceable but surely the standings at the end of the season should relfect the skill and capability over the board and not be affected by how astute the team captains are at keeping up with the regulations and so avoiding penalties.

    David Green

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