Chess for the Rank and File

Long-time Suffolk chess players will remember Tony Rubin (pictured left) well (although he looks a bit different nowadays having shaved off his ‘tache three years ago).

He was an excellent player and a mainstay of the Ipswich Chess Club.   But 12 or 13 years ago, he suddenly and surprisingly stopped playing.

Tony has been in contact recently, and met up with Michael Clapham for a catch up.   Now 58, Tony still plays chess (“not very well”) on the ICC site (handle – TonyR).   He spends (“too”) much of his time playing golf, having more or less retired from ‘proper’ work last year.   He is also writing a few questions for the TV show ‘Only Connect’ and has submitted questions to University Challenge too, but he is still waiting to hear if they will employ him!

Back in 1992 he wrote ‘Chess for the Rank and File’, a brilliantly-titled book which detailed his chess career to date.   He enlisted the assistance of (then) IM John Emms, who corrected some of the analysis.   The book can still be purchased online for a few pounds or dollars.

Back in 1998, Tony’s grade was 164, which is probably more like 175 with the upgrading a couple of years ago.   At his peak, around 1985, his grade was 183.   He says he may try and come down to Ipswich and play a few quick games on a Thursday night in the summer.

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