Latest League tables

With only one or two matches remaining to be played by each team in the three divisions, there are no guaranteed promotions or relegations yet.

Here are the current league tables, following this evening’s match between Bury St Edmunds B and Ipswich C in Division 1:

Division 1

Team Played Points
Manningtree A 8 19½
Ipswich C 8 16½
Bury St Edmunds A 8 15½
Ipswich A 8 15½
Bury St Edmunds B 8 15
Ipswich B 8 14

Manningtree A are sitting proudly at the top, with a three-point margin over their nearest rivals, Ipswich C.   But all teams still have two matches to play, with both Manningtree’s being against the Bury St Edmunds’ teams.   Which team will be relegated is anyone’s guess; in theory any team could suffer the dreaded drop.

Division 2

Team Played Points
Bury St Edmunds C 9 20
Adastral Park 9 18½
Ipswich D 9 18
Stowmarket A 8 17
Sudbury 9 16½
Saxmundham A 8 13

Stowmarket A’s match next Tuesday against Saxmundham A could decide which team tops the division with just one match to play.   Stowmarket are currently three points behind leaders Bury St Edmunds C.   At the other end of the division, Saxmundham have a similar incentive, as they lie 3½ points adrift with the game in hand.

Division 3

Team Played Points
Bury St Edmunds D 11 26
Ipswich E 11 23
Clacton 10 22
Stowmarket Rooks 10 21½
Manningtree B 10 18
Felixstowe 10 17½
Saxmundham B 10 16

Clacton‘s recent win against Manningtree B has given them renewed hope of winning this division.   But they stand four points behind leaders Bury St Edmunds D, with a match in hand.   Bury’s last match is on 18 March, when they will be the first team to complete their scheduled matches.   Their final total will be the target for the other teams.

4 thoughts on “Latest League tables
    1. Your maths is correct, but so is this divergence from the 'expected' totals. Two teams have suffered a half-point penalty for infringement of the "10-point" rule in relation to board order. See the full set of results including explanatory notes on the infringements here.

  1. Thanks for the explanation, but still strange:
    116-97 (>10), but 161-160???
    Maybe those numbers (Lightfoot-Feavyour) are wrong as well?

  2. Yes and no. The numbers shown are the current grades. But if you look up the grades at the time, you'll see that they were infringing the rule.

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