This weekend’s 4NCL results

A total of 24 Suffolk players travelled to Hinckley and Daventry for the fourth 4NCL weekend.

Justin Tan (1½), Adam Hunt (1) and Dagne Ciuksyte (0) played for three different teams in Division 1.   Justin scored an excellent draw on Saturday against Dutch GM Robin van Kampen (2603).

In Division 2 Anglian Avengers 1 stumbled in their bid for promotion, losing to a lower-rated Cambridge University team 2½ – 5½ on Saturday, but managing a 4 – 4 draw against Hackney yesterday.   Suffolk individual scores were: David Spence 1½, Alan Merry 1, Shaun Munson 1, Ed Player ½, Adam Taylor ½ and Mark Gray ½.   AA1 now need at least two wins and a draw from the final three-day weekend in May if they are to achieve their aim of promotion to Division 1.

There are four Suffolk-based teams in Division 3: Anglian Avengers 2 and 3, and Iceni 1 and 2.

Anglian Avengers 2 won both their matches and are now in 2nd place in the table, which has been newly extended to 63 teams by the addition of the teams from the Northern section.   The two Suffolk players involved, Steve Gregory and Graham Moore, both won one game and lost one.

Anglian Avengers 3 also won both their matches.   Silas Peck won both his games, as did Keith Woodcock (although the second one was by default).   Martin Fogg scored 1½, whilst Ian Wallis and Phil Hopkins scored 1 each.

The two Iceni teams had mixed fortunes over the weekend.   Iceni 1 won 4½ – 1½ on Saturday, but lost to the same score on Sunday.   Iceni 2 were heavily out-rated in their matches, losing by 2 – 4 and 1½ – 4½.   Individual Iceni scores were: John Peters 1, Steve Ruthen 1, John Feavyour 1, Peter Collicott 1, Vivian Woodward ½, Jon Collins and Bob Jones both failed to score.   Paul Botham played only on Sunday (and lost).   John Peters‘ success on Sunday was particularly noteworthy, beating an opponent graded ECF 193.

3 thoughts on “This weekend’s 4NCL results
  1. Justin says he actually missed an easy win of a piece vs van Kampen when he should have played 30.Qh8 + Kf7 31.Qh5 followed by Rg1 winning a piece. But a draw is still a good result so a good weekend for him!

    1. Hi Anonymous (please say who it is). I'll get the game from the 4NCL website but it would be good if Justin could send me his own annotations.

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