And now Manningtree are on Facebook!

Following yesterday’s article about Felixstowe Chess Club and their presence on Facebook, Manningtree have now followed suit!   Inspired perhaps by the article, Adam Taylor has quickly set up their new Facebook page.

The destiny of the Division 1 title is still not quite decided (ignore previous assertions on this site; they were wrong).   This evening Bury St Edmunds A beat Ipswich B 3 – 1.   Manningtree face Bury A next Thursday and any result other than a 4 – 0 loss will see Manningtree as League Champions.

4 thoughts on “And now Manningtree are on Facebook!
    1. Good idea Chris. It's clearly a young person's job (Phil Hopkins (Felixstowe) and Adam Taylor (Manningtree). So perhaps you could set one up for us? Just give me access so that I can add more stuff.

    2. Yes I could do. I was going to set one up for Cambridge City too.

      Please note that I do not have a facebook account anymore!

      Chris D

    3. In fact I do have one but I only have my family members on that one. I'll use it to set up the pages for the chess clubs.

      Chris D

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