Another title for John Wharam

Dr John Wharam, Adam Hunt’s boss at Woodbridge School, is already an International Master at Correspondence Chess (see the article from this website a year ago).   But recently, as reported here, John won a semi-final of the World Correspondence Chess Championship.   This qualifies him for the Candidates and means that he has also achieved the Senior International Master title.

John’s next tournament starts in June when he will play on Board 1 for England in a European Team Championship Semi-Final.

John is now targeting the Grandmaster title!

3 thoughts on “Another title for John Wharam
  1. Not bad for someone who does most of his analysis whilst out walking or cycling!

    Being selected as board 1 for England and winning a Semi Final of the World Championship are fantastic achievements.

    Very best of luck in the Candidates tournament!

  2. Interesting approach. Looking at his games he seems to just try and achieve an equal but unbalanced position out of the opening then outplay them positionally. Very creative and strong endgame player but unless he does some opening work I think he will struggle against the top GMs.

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