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The eight-board Suffolk Correspondence team, playing in the Sinclair tournament, have scored 9 points out of 14, with just two games (both by Silas Peck) remaining to be completed.   This is an excellent score, which improves considerably on last season’s performance.

The following scores have been recorded:

Board 1   –   Ian Wallis    ½ – ½
Board 2   –   Bob Jones    1 – 1
Board 3   –   Silas Peck
Board 4   –   Phil Revell    1 – ½
Board 5   –   Kevin Greenacre    0 – 0
Board 6   –   Jim Buis    1 – 1
Board 7   –   Bob Stephens    1 – 1
Board 8   –   Jakob Tulic    0 – ½

Captain Jim Buis would like to field a second Suffolk team next season.   Anyone interested in playing should contact him.

2 thoughts on “Correspondence team latest
  1. I've been offered two draws. I haven't looked at how the team is doing so before I take them I would like to ask, given the situation with the crosstables, do you think I should take them?

    My assessment with the positions themselves is that one of them is even and one of them I've got a very small advantage.

    1. I'm sure Jim Buis would be happy with whatever you decide. But perhaps you should ask him first.

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