Spence v Munson

The Board 1 match between David Spence and Shaun Munson in yesterday’s Norfolk & Suffolk Cup had an interesting finish.   This was the position after White’s 24th move:

The game continued: 24… b4   25. c4   Qc5   26. h4   Rd4   27. Qg3   a5   28. h5   Bc6   29. hxg6   hxg6?   (see diagram below)

After the game, both Shaun and David agreed that 29… fxg6 would have been better.   The computer agrees!

30. Qh3   Bf8   31.Nh7!   Be7   32. Bf8!!   A great move and a difficult one to find across the board.   Rh4   (what else?)   33. Qxh4   Bxh4   34. Bxc5   Kxh7   35. Rh3 and Black resigned.

One thought on “Spence v Munson
  1. The computer also says that black has a small advantage in the first diagram. Can't see it myself as it looks as if white is all over black with the weak dark squares around the black king. But that is why I am only 150 and they are both over 200.

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