Adam update

Round 4 yesterday saw Adam paired against an FM rated 2397.   Overnight Adam had been ill, so it was fortunate that the match was not scheduled to start until 16.00 local time.   The result, a draw, was excellent in the circumstances.

Adam’s current Elo rating is 2023, which seems much too low for someone who has a 204 ECF grade (recently revised from 203).   This event is certainly an opportunity for him to gain some useful rating points.

Today was a double-round day and in the morning he faced another 2300+ player, from Belgium.   Again he managed a draw to arrive on three points from his five games.   In the afternoon he was paired against a 2246-rated opponent from Croatia, but sadly lost.

So, after six rounds, Adam remains on three points.   He has gained 51 rating points over these six games.   Tomorrow is a rest day, but on Thursday he will face a lower-rated player from Australia.   The remaining five rounds are all on separate days, so no more exhausting double-round days!

The current leader is the 2496-rated top seed, who is on 5½ points.

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