Bury Knights start up again

After a four-month break, the Bury Knights Junior Chess Club sprung back into action last evening, with more than 40 children attending.

The Bury Knights is currently the only junior chess club in Suffolk.   It’s a great pity that Ipswich, with a population some three times that of Bury St Edmunds, is unable to sustain a junior club.

In addition to 34 existing members, seven children turned up for their first chess club.   They were put into a special ‘Novices’ group, where three coaches – Suffolk Ladies Champion Emilia Jewell, 15-year of Alba Saenz, and Sam Starling (mother of William), helped to teach the children the basics of the game (see photo below).

Due to space limitations at Horringer Court Middle School, as well as supervisory concerns, the number of members will need to be limited to 50.   It is envisaged that this number may well be reached in the next few weeks, as several other new members are expected.

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