Exactly one month to the Congress

Today being 25th September, there’s exactly one month to go before the 32nd Bury St Edmunds Congress, which starts on 25th October.

As of today’s date, we already have 55 entrants, with the Minor section the most popular with 21.

The top seed, and the only Grandmaster to enter so far, is Alex Cherniaev, who hails from Archangelsk in Russia.   He still has to obtain his visa, but that hasn’t been a problem in previous years.

If any local person is interested in having a GM to stay, Alex is looking for accommodation for the Saturday night!

As well as Alex, we have two IMs and a Women’s International Master.   In fact there are already six players graded over 200 in the Open.

You can check the list of current entrants (updated daily) here.

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