Vacancies – filled and unfilled

Suffolk County Chess Association President Colin Roberts is keen to fill the remaining vacancies on his Committee.

They are:

*    Junior Organiser
*    Under 100 team captain
*    Under 120 team captain

I (Bob Jones) have been nominated and seconded as Vice-President and will be standing for President at the next AGM in June, when Colin’s three-year term of office expires.

So I, too, am keen to see these positions filled, especially the first.   We haven’t had a Junior Organiser for several years, after Adam Hunt stood down from the role.   It’s particularly important, because every club in Suffolk needs a few up and coming juniors; they are after all the future of Suffolk chess.

The Junior Organiser should be able to encourage more schools to run their own chess clubs.   Also, there’s a glaring gap in Ipswich, where the population of over 130,000 people has no junior chess club.   Two children travel all the way to Bury each week because there’s no alternative.

Anyone considering any of these positions should contact me, in the first instance.   I can provide more information as to the level of commitment that is required.

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