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As reported here a few days ago, Bury’s Jon Collins has written a blog, describing his time in Las Vegas.   It can be viewed here.

Just to remind you, Jon is raising money for Cancer Research and all donations will be much appreciated.   You can donate here.


Answer to Puzzle time #3

(as answered correctly by Ian Wallis):
After 1. Qc5+, Black must move his King to b2.   If he plays … Kd1, then a quick mate follows with Qc2+ and Qe2#.

Then White plays 2. Qb4+, with Black forced to play … Ka2 (if … Kc1 then 3. Qd2+ and 4. Qc2#).

Now comes the surprising move that wins immediately:   3. Kc2!   The Black Queen has no checks (other than kamikaze ones) and White will checkmate next move.

2 thoughts on “Millionnaire chess blog
  1. Thanks anon, that was one of the lines I implied in my post yesterday, the other being… 1. … Kb1 2. Qc2# which was probably where Bob was getting his line from?!…

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